School strike for climate 2, Zagreb, March 29th 2019

Mladi za klimu Zagreb

“Greta is vegan”, “One year without paper = 8 trees, one year without meat = 3432 trees!”

Several animal activists went to support the 2nd school strike for climate, which was a bit disappointing. There were significantly fewer protesters than the first time: high-school students “weren’t granted absence” by their professors and high-school principals – well, the point of this strike and any strike is to skip classes/work in order to send the message and demand something to be changed.

Many kids didn’t know who Greta was, and also what veganism had to do with climate change, even some of their teachers were left wondering at our signs. It is discouraging to some extent, but there is hope, they just need more education about it. Pointing fingers at others and demanding that they change, but sticking to one’s own bad and harmful habits isn’t going to do any good and doesn’t sound genuine and authentic. Calling the protest “non-political” is also disingenuous or simply ignorant – because every protest is political.

Mladi za klimu Zagreb

Sit-in in front of the Croatian parliament (Sabor)

I still place high hopes in kids, because they are very open to new ideas and knowledge, and most willing to change for the better of everyone – animals, environment and people. The positive side is that the speakers were really passionate in conveying the message to politicians that they are very determined. Although there was a small number of protesters, they made a lot of noise, and they spontaneously decided to do a sit-in (however short it lasted). I hope they will look into the meat, dairy and egg industries issue to make a connection, and that this will grow into something bigger and more powerful.

Mladi za klimu Zagreb

Višnja attends all human rights protests, always carrying short, smart messages, this time “Mars to you, Earth to us”. This year she had to use walking aid, but it didn’t stop her.

Mladi za klimu Zagreb

This girl wasn’t part of any group at the protest “School strike for climate”, she didn’t come with us, but was the only one beside our group that held a vegan sign. Her name is Barbara and she’s a (university) student. It’s always nice to meet other people who share the same views and concerns regarding animal rights and environmental issues.

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